Today when I write this quick post, I remember the few friends who read my posts and said they wanted me to write more, this is so important for me as it inspired me to write more, If anyone likes what I write on this blog and resonates a higher energy, then the purpose of this blog is fulfilled. Hence I thank these friends for reading the few posts I have written and providing me with their valuable feedback and inspiring me to write more. 

 A Miraculous Affirmation

So then lets get the topic for today, A miraculous affirmation, so what does this mean. 

Well it simply means an affirmation that can create miracles for you. 

This is an affirmation that just appeared in my consciousness today, and I tried it a few times, when I did so, what I experienced made me think that this affirmation needs to be shared 

This affirmation is extremely simple, so simple that you might think this is a joke! 

However, I assure you if you do this affirmation, it will do miracles for you, it will transform your consciousness into the universal self consciousness, and you will naturally attract abundance and bliss 

Manifesting your Desires

So then how do you manifest your desires?

  • The logic to this is quite simple,
  • Whatever energy you think, feel, vibrate
  • With emotions become sub-conscious belief
  • And then you start manifesting your belief, this could be positive or negative
  • So its simple right, you just have to think, feel and vibrate the emotion of having manifested your desire
  • We can do this text, audio or video affirmations
  • As you keep practicing it the energy becomes sub-conscious and eventually manifests

However, if you have tried this then you must know that, this does not happen easily.

So then what is the problem with affirmations, why does this happen?

Before we get to that I would like to let you know that this took me over 10 years to understand practicing affirmations and mantras, and being guided by my teachers and spiritual guides, and I understand all this only by their grace and the grace of the great Universal Self.

  • I started this journey 13 – 14 years before, when I started understanding about the Law of Attraction and manifesting or conscious creation
  • I started with the “I am healthy”, “I am wealthy”, “I am ….****” affirmations
  • My experience was that, when I did these affirmations
  • It would feel like whatever affirmations I was doing would manifest
  • But they never would, it would only feel like they are going to manifest
  • I used to think I am doing something wrong
  • And then try doing the affirmations with more intensity or more brute force I would say
  • Over some time instead of manifesting desires, my head started becoming very cloudy and I started feeling reduced energy levels, and my mind was incecessantly thinking
  • And instead of relationships, health and wealth improving, they all depleted

So then what is wrong, why did this happen?

  • Well I understood this by the grace of the universe and the grace of the teacher
  • Here is how this happened
  • I used to regularly do the Nirvana shatakam by Gurudev shri Adhi Shakaracharya
  • So through my journey, one day when I was clouded and confused, I was thinking about what could be wrong with the affirmations
  • And it just struct me that I must be all of it, the moment I saw this my energy started raising, it was instant!
  • And I realized that when I think I am all of it, my energy was rising, and I could see my more than just my thoughts.
  • So then how did all this happen, it happened by doing the nirvana shatakam mantra regularly
  • And one day, I just could see it, which logically would mean, I started vibrating with the energy of the mantra
  • And one day I could just see this
  • When this happened I realized what was the problem with the “I am healthy”, “I am wealthy”, “I am ….” affirmations
  • In these affirmations if you consider your objective self as your thoughts, feelings, emotions, your role or identity here and now, then these affirmations will only cloud your mind, because your affirmation energy is identfying with part self

So then what are we missing here? And what must we do?

  • If you believe the I is your thoughts, feelings, emotions, your role or identity here and now
  • You are missing the core, the truth, the basis of bliss, your consciousness
  • Your consciousness is your self, it is because of it that you think, function and act through your mind, body and intelligence
  • If you believe the I as consciousness, then you can manifest your desires easily
  • Do note that it is consciousness that can think thoughts and ideas, thought cannot think
  • The more you are in touch with your consciousness, in the supreme awareness of being consciousness, the faster you will manifest your desires
  • So then how do we do this, there are several things we could do for this, here lets talk about a single magical affirmation, that will help you manifest all your desires.

 What is this magical affirmation?

The Self is I, I is the Self

This is a very simple affirmation, this affirmation pretty much means the same as Aham Bhramasmi

Who can use this affirmation?

If you are facing any of the following conditions in your life, then you can use this affirmation:

  1. You have problems with one or many of your relationships
  2. You have problems with money
  3. You have problems with health
  4. You have problems with a job
  5. You have problems with your business
  6. You have problems with being happy
  7. You have problems with being successful
  8. You have problems accepting your mistakes or failures
  9. You have problems with forgiving yourself
  10. You have problems letting-go of whatever you are holding on to
  11. You feel fear most times
  12. You cannot control your thoughts or emotions
  13. You are afraid of your thoughts or emotions
  14. You are mentally or emotionally troubled after a difficult life event
  15. You have a troubled mind
  16. You are not able to do something you want to do

If you have any one or more of the above problems then this affirmation will help you.

Why does this affirmation work miraculously?

To understand this simply consider the above problems, and why you would have a problem with that aspect of your life.

It is a definite certainty that its because, you have a belief in your sub-conscious that says that you have the problem. This belief would have been created because of your experiences and your own thoughts and reactions to various events and life circumstances.

So lets quickly see how these thoughts might be in ones mind:

  1. I am mostly broke, I have huge problems with money
  2. I am F*&(%&
  3. I am sick
  4. My job sucks man
  5. I am so bad at business
  6. I am so unhappy
  7. Why is it so difficult for me to be successful
  8. I cannot fail
  9. I will not survive if this happens
  10. I have such a troubled mind
  11. My thoughts are scaring me
  12. I will never be able to get through this
  13. I am scared to fall in love again
  14. I will never be able to fall in love again
  15. I have such a F*&(#$@ relation with my family
  16. I have no one, nobody understands me

See how these are all thoughts most people think in a difficult time, but please do also note these are all negative affirmations

So if you are facing the problems listed in the who can use this affirmation section above, then its because you have been thinking the thoughts listed in this section.

Once you have been doing this for sometime, this becomes a sub-conscious belief and then a life condition.

So here is where the miraculous affirmation really helps The Self is I, I is the Self.

The Self is consciousness, you are not your thoughts feelings and emotions, you are the one experiencing all this, you are a much higher being, consciousness itself, that can think, act, function through the body, mind and intelligence.

  • So when you do an auto-suggestion of this affirmation
  • You are starting to identify back with consciousness
  • And get back to the pristine state in which we are all born
  • Knowing we are consciousness only, naturally happy and blissful
  • This changes once we form a ego as now we believe you are the ego,
  • That which your head tells you, you are
  • Or what other people tell you, you are!

Truly if you want to live an abundant, blissfull and happy life

  • You need to identify yourself with the self
  • And energize yourself with the naturally happy and abundant soul energy
  • That which is whole, complete and full
  • All of you, only knowing that you are all of it will help you understand the self, and experience yourself as consciousness.
  • The all of you is thyself, part of the Supreme THE ALL
  • And the whole creation the Supreme THE ALL is the Great Universal Self
  • And this is all the Self the supreme THE ALL, the great consciousness that creates, sustains and destroys the universe eternally

Read this article to understand in detail about the Self.

As you keep doing this you will start erasing all the negative affirmations and sub-conscious beliefs you created.

Once the limiting belief is destroyed, then the problem naturally gets solved, and you will start manifesting your desires and dreams, and all of it with one affirmation, so then! is that not miraculous?

How do you do this affirmation / auto-suggestion?

Simply repeat it in your mind 15 – 20 times in the morning once (doing it once a day is good enough)

The Self is I, I is the Self

If you had like you can repeat the same before going to bed too. You can repeat it as many times as you are comfortable doing the auto-suggestion through the day, there is no fixed measure, it is what suits you best.

As you do your auto-suggestions with this affirmation, you will see the negative thoughts reduce, and you are more positive and happy, with positive thoughts and energy. And with positive thoughts and energy comes positive outcomes and results.

Wishing you many happy miracles. This is a journey you must experience! And do let us know your experiences in the comments box below.

Santosh Ramachandran